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What is Tour Management?

What is Tour Management?

The question we get asked the most is also the one we most love to answer; what is tour management? Well, Tour Management is the overall organisation and escorting of groups of holidaymakers on tours to a variety of UK and overseas locations from start to finish.

The Tour Manager is the contact between the Tour Operator and the holidaymakers, as well as the Tour Operator and the suppliers.

Tour managers take the responsibility for the enjoyment, comfort and safety of each holidaymaker on the tour. If the Tour Manager does a professional job and provides an excellent service, both the Tour Manager and the Tour Operator will profit.  If the Tour Manager fails, it will ruin the enjoyment for the holidaymaker and potentially damage the Company’s reputation.

The Tour Manager will:

1. Act as an Ambassador for their Tour Operator
2. Deliver good customer service
3. Professionally manage all required duties from the beginning of a tour until the end.

After 21 years in the travel industry I thought I pretty much knew it all. It turned out I had a lot to learn! The procedures and best practices outlined by my trainer (and presented in the Tour Management Training Manual) have given me the confidence boost (and filled the knowledge gaps) I needed to launch my new career in tour management. A huge thank you to Worldwide Travel Training.
Carmel, February 2015