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Resort Representative

Resort Representative

What is a resort representative?
Have you ever dreamt of working as a holiday rep but been put off because you have no prior experience, training or knowledge of the industry? Are you looking for adventure and to discover many destinations around the world? Look no further, this course could be just for you! The Resort Representative is usually resident in a resort for the duration of the season. They may cover more than one hotel and are responsible for the holidaymaker’s enjoyment and well being whilst they are staying in the resort.

Our Course Representative course is designed to fully answer the question ‘what is a resort representative?’ At the end of the course, you will know all about the many resort representative roles and responsibilities of this career choice. We will provide in depth knowledge regarding how to professionally and efficiently complete the necessary duties of a Resort Representative.
– Understand pre-season preparation, airport and transfer duties, and in-resort duties.
– Importance of resort administration, and customer service.
– Basic selling skills for optional excursions.
– Dealing with complaints.
– Develop effective communication skills.

This course has been set up to answer the question of ‘what is a resort representative?‘  To learn more about the Resort Representative roles and responsibilities or to enquire about joining this course, please contact us now.

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