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Coach Driver

Coach Driver

Drivers are responsible for the safety of the passengers and also serve as customer service representatives of the tour company. In some cases, the driver will also act as program director and tour guide, so in depth knowledge of destinations on the tour is necessary.

Our Coach Driver courses are designed to provide all the necessary functional skills for coach drivers to fulfil all the duties required in managing a coach journey with passengers on board:

– Understand the different types of tours and the daily responsibilities of a coach driver.
– Describe the roles of a coach driver at key stages of a journey and the legislation requirements of operating a tour bus, especially when driving abroad.
– Basics of research about places to be visited, available rest stops, and investigating optional excursions.
– Understand customer care duties of a Coach Driver, travelling with elderly or disabled passengers, handling complaints and health and safety issues.
– Develop effective communication skills.

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