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Henry’s Story

Henry’s Story

“Another successful day as a Tour Manager!”

A day in my life as a Tour Manager escorting a group to Paris.

Arrive at St Pancras Station well in advance and introduce myself to Eurostar as the Tour Manager. Greet clients at Eurostar meeting point. Ensure everyone has their passport and travel documents ready to check-in for our train to Paris. Double check no-one is carrying any knives etc (sometimes people don’t realise it’s just like checking in at an airport!) and see if anyone needs help with their luggage. Once everyone has arrived, move through security check and passport control into the departure lounge ready for boarding.

On arrival in Paris Gare Du Nord, make sure everyone has all their luggage and disembark the train together. Locate the coach and introduce myself to the driver – a test of my French! Once we arrive at the hotel, I go in ahead of everyone to let the reception staff know the group has arrived and then help with the check-in process.

Another successful day – time for a glass of ‘vin rouge’.



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